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Personal injury: Probable financial consequences of car accidents

| Mar 17, 2020 | personal injury

The economic consequences of a car accident can ruin the financial stability of any victims. Fortunately, if the negligence of another party caused a crash, the California civil justice system allows crash victims to file personal injury claims for damage recovery against the party considered at-fault. However, the resulting financial costs can include a variety of expenses along with the medical costs for the treatment of actual injuries.

Along with doctors’ bills will come the costs of ambulance transport, imaging scans, medical tests, hospitalization and more. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the costs of follow-up appointments for treatment and therapy can be high. Damage to the vehicle and other personal property can be significant, and this might lead to increased insurance premiums.

Injuries can cause loss of wages, and in severe cases, the victim could be unable to return to a previous profession. This might result in a significant loss of income while finding alternative employment, and learning new skills does not come cheap. Car accident victims often underestimate the financial consequences, especially if their injuries are not severe.

Many crash victims in California choose to utilize the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney to help them understand probable financial losses, and explore the damages from all angles. Legal counsel can assist in the documenting of damages, both current and future, and preparing a comprehensive claim for adjudication by the court. The lawyer can also handle dealings with insurance providers to explore the possibility of passing some of the losses to the defendant’s insurer.