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3 Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

The most common cause of truck accidents, like car accidents, is generally the weather. Weather causes many accidents. You cannot sue the weather and you cannot get money from the weather. But, what you can do is make claims against insurance companies of drivers who drive too fast in wet weather or bad weather. Drivers cannot stop in time when they normally would be able to if on a dry road or nonicy road. Weather is definitely one of the most common causes of truck accidents and car accidents in California.

The second most common cause of truck accidents is driver negligence. Someone was not paying attention. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who use their cellphones when they are driving, and they are not paying attention like they should. That results in a lot of accidents as well.

The third cause of truck accidents, even commercial truck drivers, can sometimes be alcohol- and drug-related. Some of them are under the influence. Sometimes truck drivers are under deadlines to get from point A to point B. They take different kinds of drugs to keep them awake longer, or make them more attentive when they are really being drowsy. Sometimes they try and drink too much coffee, and the result is that sometimes they get drowsy or just so hyped up. That sometimes can cause accidents, too.

We Hold Truck Drivers Responsible

At The Sexton Law Firm, we have years of experience dealing with truck accident issues. Attorney James Sexton worked on the defense side for many years defending these types of cases, which helps us prosecute these types of cases on behalf of the injured person.

We can help you hold truck drivers responsible for serious accidents. Call today at 619-678-1833 or contact us online for a free consultation with a lawyer in Chula Vista or Oceanside.