Fund Your Trust…Now!

In recent years the revocable living trust has become an increasingly popular estate planning tool. Some of the many benefits of revocable living trusts that make them particularly popular with those planning their estates are the tax benefits and probate avoidance that these instruments offer. In the typical revocable living trust, the ownership of certain […]

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Your Bankruptcy Plan and Your Credit Report

There is no question that your credit report and file are important: Not only will potential lenders review your credit report before lending you money, but landlords and employers may also consider the information contained in your credit report before lending you money or renting you an apartment or home. Therefore, it is important that […]

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Where to File Your Airline Injury Lawsuit

By now, the story and accompanying video of a United Airlines passenger who refused to disembark from an oversold flight and who was instead dragged off the flight by security officers has gone viral. During the scuffle the passenger was injured (whether accidentally or through deliberate action by law enforcement) and was seen being forcibly […]

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