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During the first 10 years of his legal practice, James F. Sexton, Esq. represented insurance companies, defending them against claims from persons injured in car accidents and at work. Every dollar Mr. Sexton saved the insurance companies meant a dollar less for the deserving injured persons.

In 2001 when Mr. Sexton decided he would rather help people than advocate against them. Mr. Sexton now represents car accident victims and injured workers versus the insurance companies and is dedicated to protecting his client’s legal rights.

Meet the Attorney

The path we find ourselves on may be far different than the one on which we begin. This is very much true in James Sexton’s case. He did not plan on becoming a lawyer in his youth, studied Business Administration and Sociology in college, even worked in the marketing realm for a major textbook company for three years. Once a world-class swimmer who qualified for the 1980 Olympics before they were boycotted, he soon after found a passion for the law.

As a post-graduate from the California western School of Law in San Diego in 1990, Sexton’s first professional role was as attorney for the insurance companies he now opposes. Having worked this side of personal injury and worker’s compensation cases, James understands the goals, motivation, and tactics employed by the insurance companies and the lawyers who protect their interests. He uses that knowledge to better serve and protect his clients’ interests.

As CEO of a company and owner of his own law firm, James Sexton’s success reflects the positive experiences his clients have had and continue to have at The Sexton Law Firm. His expertise is extensive and includes California bankruptcy law, California trusts and living wills, California criminal law and DUI, as well as California personal injury and California workers compensation.

An ethical and dedicated individual, James Sexton strives to be the most honest, professional attorney around. He wants to be able to effectively communicate with all his clients and speaks English and Spanish fluently to accommodate as many people as possible.

Raquel Rodriguez
Past Client

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

I had a difficult personal injury and car accident case. I was injured and my back was not getting better and my medical bills kept increasing. To make matters worse, the insurance company for the driver at fault had a $50,000 limits policy and my bills were over $100,000!!!


The Sexton Law Firm has been delivering results since we opened in 2001. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer service experience and tremendous value for our clients.

James F. Sexton and his staff have a combined 80 years of experience in the legal industry and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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