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Chula Vista California Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Workers' compensation: Shared safety responsibility in logging

Logging is one of the most hazardous industries. This is reflected in the number of workers' compensation claims that are filed each year. Although the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health holds employers responsible for employee safety, the most effective way to limit injuries is when both employers and employees work together to comply with prescribed safety standards.

While employers are responsible for providing adequate training to workers regarding potential hazards and how to mitigate them, it is the task of supervisors to monitor workers to ensure compliance. In turn, employees must perform all tasks safely to prevent injuries to themselves and co-workers. Furthermore, employers must provide the necessary safety equipment and emergency care, including equipment for fire suppression, and ensure that workers are familiar with the location and proper use of safety equipment.

If you are a remote worker, the TRACK mantra can keep you safe

Do you spend a significant number of hours or days working in remote locations? What does your employer do to keep you safe? Some employers of remote workers in California have safety protocols in place to protect remote workers from known hazards. However, even with such protection, with no one to have your back at your job site, a significant part of work-related accident prevention falls on your shoulders.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health holds employers responsible for the health and safety of employees, regardless of whether they work on site or at remote locations. Safety measures your employer can take include frequent contact throughout the day by which supervisors, dispatchers, technicians or your employer remain updated on your safety.

Personal injury: Probable financial consequences of car accidents

The economic consequences of a car accident can ruin the financial stability of any victims. Fortunately, if the negligence of another party caused a crash, the California civil justice system allows crash victims to file personal injury claims for damage recovery against the party considered at-fault. However, the resulting financial costs can include a variety of expenses along with the medical costs for the treatment of actual injuries.

Along with doctors' bills will come the costs of ambulance transport, imaging scans, medical tests, hospitalization and more. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the costs of follow-up appointments for treatment and therapy can be high. Damage to the vehicle and other personal property can be significant, and this might lead to increased insurance premiums.

Keeping health care workers safe amidst fears about Coronavirus

If you've watched the news for more than five minutes over the last few weeks, it's almost certain that you've heard reports about Coronavirus. This contagious illness has the potential to be deadly, and its rapid spread across the globe has caused a measure of panic. Amidst these fears, authorities in California are taking steps to make sure health care workers stay as safe as possible.

People who work in the medical field are the first line of defense when there is the threat of a highly contagious virus or pandemic. These men and women need to know how to stay safe as they are the ones who will be treating the ill and fighting the spread of the disease. Employers, hospitals, government organizations and others should do everything possible to keep health care workers healthy and on the job.

Personal injury: Slips, trips and falls can cause TBI

Slipping on banana peels does not only happen in cartoons. Many people in San Diego County and across Southern California have had to deal with the consequences of falls caused by slips or trips on public or commercial properties. Some believe that only falls from significant heights could cause serious injuries, but the number of personal injury claims filed proves different. The reality is that even a slip on a banana peel or a trip caused by a damaged carpet can cause severe physical damage like traumatic brain injuries or damage to the spinal cord.

Safety hazards indoors could include wet or greasy floors, loose or damaged carpeting or other floor coverings, and dropped produce in the fresh fruit and vegetable area of a grocery store. Debris or randomly placed or dropped objects pose trip hazards indoors, along with extension cords snaking across walkways. Highly polished floors are equally dangerous.

1 suffers serious harm in fall-related workplace accident

Falls from heights continue to be one of the leading causes of serious injury for workers in California and across the nation. A fall from even a lesser distance can cause injuries that have a lingering impact on a person's life, and those that involve greater distances could lead to life-altering consequences. A man in another state reportedly suffered severe injuries during a workplace accident that took place at a construction site.

The accident is said to have taken place on a recent Saturday as the man was performing job-related tasks at the site of a building under construction. While lifting materials on the roof of the structure, he suddenly slipped through a hole and fell nearly 30 feet to the ground below. According to reports, the hole was left in the roof after an air conditioning unit was removed.

Workers' compensation benefits for repetitive motion injuries

California workers should not be in pain when they clock in, but this is reality for many people. Job duties and workplace accidents cause much of this daily pain. Like other people in California, you are a hard worker and want to do your best to keep going, but this can make an already bad situation so much worse. Instead, you might be able to access workers' compensation benefits while you recover.

Workers' compensation benefits are for more than just traumatic injuries that land people in the hospital for weeks on end. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common types of workplace injuries. Although you can develop a MSD in a serious accident, you are probably more likely to develop one just by carrying out your regular work duties.

Fatality of farm worker might lead to workers' compensation claim

The AgSafe president recently noted that the death of a worker in a California raisin processing plant underscores the importance of workplace safety. The deceased worker's family will likely be eligible for workers' compensation death benefits, but that will not make up for the loss of the woman's life. Employers in the Agricultural industry must take responsibility for the health and safety of employees.

While the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health investigates the circumstances that led to the death of this woman, employers are reminded that their responsibility does not stop at providing personal protective equipment. All workers must receive adequate safety training that is relevant to the jobs they perform. In this case, it appears the worker reached into a working machine at the processing plant to remove a blockage, only to have loose clothing or hair get caught in rotating parts. This led to her tragic death.

Personal injury: Yosemite Park might face liability claims

Yosemite National Park in Central California is known for its magnificent waterfalls, but almost 200 recent visitors to the park will remember it for another reason. Many employees and visitors who spent time in the park in early January suffered personal injury when they contracted a gastrointestinal illness. Park officials say most of the victims reported symptoms suggesting norovirus, and some of those who became ill were diagnosed with the virus.

Investigations to identify the source of this highly infectious virus is ongoing. Norovirus can spread rapidly in various ways. Consuming food or beverages prepared by an infected person is one way of spreading the virus, but touching contaminated surfaces or direct contact with someone who is already infected can also cause infection. The symptoms typically appear 12 to 48 hours after the victim was exposed.

Having the world on your shoulders, a common feeling for truckers

Not only do truckers earn their livings in one of the most dangerous occupations in California, but surveys and workers' compensation data also show that they experience injuries that keep them away from work at higher rates than any other job. Although shoulder injuries come second after back injuries on the list of most common injuries among big rig operators, they cost more in time and money. It is not surprising that the term for one type of musculoskeletal shoulder injury is "trucker shoulder."

If you spend most of your working hours driving an 18-wheeler, you will likely be all too aware of the pain caused by trucker shoulder. Your daily loading and unloading of cargo, chaining, tarping, and getting in and out of the truck's cab are all repetitive motions that cause chronic inflammation in the shoulder joint.

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