Meet Titus

A dog? Are you kidding? Absolutely not. I have lost count of the number of people who have come to the law office anxious, freaked out, and scared spitless because of some legal proceeding they were about to attend, like a deposition. Frequently, Titus sticks his nose into the conference room where the deposition is to be held and most clients immediately become more relaxed. After 15 minutes of petting Titus, they are at ease. Many clients have told me afterwards they felt so much more comfortable with Titus next to them in the room and that he calmed them down.

Titus is a Pitbull/Basenji African hunting dog mix and he is very friendly. There are many law firms to choose from in Southern California, but only one law firm – The Sexton Law Firm – Has Titus, the Office Law Dog!