Does Workers’ Compensation Cover off-Site Lunch-Break Injuries?

Workplace injuries occur every day — on construction sites, in offices, factories, and on movie sets. Suffering an on-the-job injury that prevents the immediate return to work can cause havoc in anyone’s budget. This is when most California workers rely on the workers’ compensation system to provide financial assistance.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for anyone suffering a work-related injury. In some cases, eligibility for benefits is questioned. One example is whether benefits can be claimed for an injury that occurred while an employee was on a paid lunch break. If this happened while the worker was away from the workplace, he or she would generally not be covered.

However, exceptions exist. If the employee suffered an injury while running an errand for the employer or collecting supplies while out on a lunch break, he or she might be eligible for compensation. Another instance that might qualify for benefits is when a person’s travel costs are covered by the business. Other circumstances may exist that would qualify for benefits as long as those situations are clearly work-related and the accident or injury occurred during that time.

Injured California workers who have questions about their eligibility for workers’ compensation may get answers about their rights from an attorney who is experienced in all matters related to benefits claims for workers’ compensation. A lawyer can determine whether there is a viable claim and then assist with the navigation of the complicated claims process. Those who have valid claims typically receive compensation for medical expenses along with a portion of lost wages.