4 Office Hazards That May Cause Work Injuries

Working in an office may seem relatively simple and even mundane at times. Whether you are a secretary, accountant, office assistant, or even the CEO, your workday probably comes with few harmful situations in general. However, that does not mean your office is completely safe.

Workplace injuries can occur anywhere; they do not just happen in factories or construction sites. Here are some office hazards that may result in a workplace accident:

1. Clutter

Your office space may get messy at times. Whether you or someone else is causing the mess, it can be more than an eyesore or minor inconvenience. When there are files or boxes in the walkway, you may trip or slip. Make sure you store all items and materials in the right places to avoid slipping, tripping, and falling.

2. Stacked boxes

Almost every office has a lot of boxes. They are convenient for storing files, and you may stack them to save space. While this may be a convenient method of storage, it can also create hazardous situations. For example, if you try to lift a stack of boxes, you may injure your back. A giant stack of boxes may also topple over and hurt you. 

3. Poor lighting

The lighting in your office may not seem like much of a big deal, but it certainly can be dangerous. Inadequate lighting may result in you not being able to recognize hazards. If you cannot see properly, you cannot navigate your office space safely. 

4. Repetitive motions

Even the most menial tasks can result in injuries. Typing, clicking a mouse, and writing notes may all be part of your daily work and may not seem to be an issue at first. However, these movements can take a toll on your body if you do them repeatedly and without proper rest. 

Do not assume that you are immune to a workplace injury simply because you work in an office setting.