What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available in California?

This blog has talked about the importance of workers’ compensation benefits and the help they can provide for injured workers and their families. Workers’ compensation benefits can provide much-needed help injured Californians and their families need following a workplace accident which is why injured workers should be familiar with the different types of workers’ compensation benefits available.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help with a wide range of concerns and worries injured workers commonly have after being injured on the job. Injured workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the cost of their medical care including hospital care, visits to the doctor, medications, medical equipment, lab tests, and other medical expenses. In addition to benefits for medical expenses, injured workers can receive payment for vocational rehabilitation to help them with job retraining if they are unable to return to their previous employment.

Injured workers also likely have worries and concerns about their lost wages while they are injured and unable to work. Injured workers may be able to receive wage-loss payments for temporary total disability. Injured workers may also be able to receive payments for permanent disability depending on the extent of the physical or mental disability the injured worker has suffered. Death benefits may also be available to dependents of a worker killed on the job in a fatal workplace accident.

There are timelines associated with making a workers’ compensation claim and also a process for challenging a denied claim. With so much riding on workers’ compensation benefits, injured workers should know how they can help and how to obtain them during their time of need.