Do You Qualify for Temporary Disability Through Worker’s Comp?

When you get hurt on the job, your injuries might prevent you from performing your job responsibilities for a while. Those with severe injuries, like brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, may require permanent disability benefits because they will never fully recover and be able to return to work.

However, many other workers who get hurt on the job will be able to get back to work after a few days or possibly a few months. These workers won’t qualify for permanent disability, but they may be able to receive temporary disability benefits. Who qualifies for temporary disability after a workplace injury or illness in California?

Workers who can’t get back to work right away may qualify

There are several situations in which you could qualify for temporary disability benefits. These benefits will include up to two-thirds of your average weekly pay for the amount of time you are unable to continue working. Two-thirds is the official amount, but there are maximum benefit limits that may mean you actually receive less than two-thirds of your average weekly pay.

To qualify for that money, you will need to have either had an overnight stay at the hospital or to have missed at least three days of work because of your injury. Additionally, your employer has to say that they cannot accommodate you to allow you to return to different responsibilities while you recover. A medical order that shows you cannot work at all can also help you qualify.

Asking for the benefits you need isn’t wrong or greedy

If you have a strong work ethic, asking for money when you aren’t working may seem inappropriate or lazy. However, workers’ compensation is an earned benefit, which means it’s the result of your employment.

Your employer contributes to the insurance policy on your behalf because no one who works for a living should have to lose their income and their financial stability because they choose to work. Going without pay could put you in a bad financial situation, and you deserve help while you recover.

It can be difficult to navigate the process of applying for workers’ compensation while also trying to recover from an injury or illness. Getting help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you understand what benefits you qualify for and assist you in the process of connecting with those benefits.