Your Family Deserves Workers’ Comp if a Loved One Dies at Work

When you depend on your loved one for financial support, their job is important to your entire family. Sadly, some of the best-paying jobs that can allow for the most financial stability in a household are also jobs with notable risks.

If you receive the heartbreaking news that your loved one suffered a fatal injury on the job, you may be left wondering how you and your children are going to survive this difficult time. While financial support is far from the only need you will have right now, it can be a comfort to know that California workers’ compensation has benefits for surviving family members adjusting to life without someone who died on the job.

What benefits does California offer surviving family members?

There are two primary components to the California workers’ compensation program for surviving family members. One form of benefit will involve replacing a portion of the wages that the deceased worker would have earned in the future. The other form of benefit involves helping cover necessary funeral and burial costs.

California refers to these benefits as death benefits. They can include up to $10,000 for burial costs and financial benefits meant to replace a portion of the worker’s wages. Death benefit payments are the same as what the worker would receive under a total temporary disability if they survived.

There is a maximum limit to the benefits that depend on the number of dependents and whether they are total dependents or partial dependents. The maximum benefit for one dependent is currently $250,000, while families with two or more dependents could receive up to $320,000.

Don’t let mistakes or grief keep you from the benefits you need

Trying to handle a workers’ compensation claim at the same time that you must plan a funeral may not be the best decision. Of course, delaying your application could also be a mistake. People may continue to push off the process of filling out paperwork until they reach a point where they may no longer qualify for benefits.

Getting help with the workers’ compensation system can help you focus on protecting and maintaining your family during this difficult time and will reduce the likelihood of challenges arising, such as the denial of benefits, due to mistakes with paperwork or missing documentation.