Employee in a wheelchair speaking to someone at a desk.

Getting Back to Work After an Injury

Finally returning to work after a major injury is a huge accomplishment. Your job is an important part of your life, and following a lengthy recovery, there are certain rights you are entitled to when you are able to return to work. Our California workers’ compensation team tells you everything you need to know about your post-injury rights at your job below.

Your Right to Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodations can be any tool, adjustment to schedule, job duty change, or other alteration by an employer to help their employee succeed in the workplace despite their disability or recent injury. These accommodations are requested by the employee, who is not held responsible for funding their own accommodations.

While this may seem like a financial burden placed on your employer, the majority of requested accommodations typically don’t cost employers anything, while others come at one-time costs of typically $500 or less.

Some examples of accommodations that come at low or no cost to your employer include:

  • Adjusting your work schedule or start time
  • Providing you a dedicated parking spot that is closer to the building’s entrance
  • Rearranging the office space to be wheelchair accessible
  • Switching your job duties with another employee that includes less manual labor

There are also accommodations that can cost a bit more, these include:

  • Providing screen-reading software
  • Phones and keyboards with braille capabilities
  • Audio to text telephones
  • Modifying equipment controls to fit an employee’s impairment
  • Amplified telephones

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Reasonable accommodations can mean a number of different things in a variety of industries. While there is no clear definition, the experienced team at The Sexton Law Firm is prepared to discuss your options and help you return to your job when you are ready.

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