Carpenter with finger injury while on the job

What Body Parts Are Most Likely to Get Injured at Work?

Injuries at work are all too common. But did you know that certain body parts are more susceptible to injury than others?

Fingers Are the Most Commonly Injured Body Part at Work, Followed by Toes and Head

Fingers are the most vulnerable body parts at work, making them the most commonly injured. Every year, thousands suffer finger injuries caused by incidents such as cuts, lacerations, and fractures while performing workplace tasks. Workplace environments which involve lifting are hazardous due to the risk of finger entrapment or crushing.

Coming in at a close second place is toes, with injuries also caused by crushing or cutting incidents in a similar range of occupations. Traumas to the head resulting from falls and impacts also occur frequently in workplaces worldwide.

Back Injuries Are Also Common, Especially for Those Who Work in Construction or Manual Labor Jobs

Back injuries severely threaten those working in manual labor and construction industries. From lifting heavy weights to repetitive motions, body parts like the back are not designed to take constant pressure and wear and tear across various activities. Taking necessary measures to practice safe lifting techniques or using ergonomic tools can help individuals protect their backs from trauma or strain.

Other Susceptible Body Parts Include the Neck, Shoulders, and Knees

The body parts most prone to injury at the workplace don't just include the fingers, toes, head, and back. The neck, shoulders, and knees are also vulnerable spots that can be damaged during on-the-job activities. From an awkward position while lifting too much weight, or a fall from a height, these factors put body parts at risk for injuries.

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Injured on the Job?

No matter how small an injury may seem, it's critical to seek medical attention immediately, even if there is no visible wound or broken bone. Furthermore, consulting an experienced workers' comp attorney is another crucial step.

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