Stunt-Related Personal Injury Accidents Raise Concern

Several stunt-related accidents in recent times have raised the concern of safety officials. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into one such accident that caused a catastrophic personal injury to one of the showrunners on set. A stunt that went wrong caused the amputation of the victim’s lower leg.

Reportedly, the accident happened when a stunt driver lost control of the car he was driving during the filming of “L.A’s Finest.” The vehicle smashed into a cargo crate, which was in turn forced into the video village tent from where the two showrunners were watching the stunt scene on monitors. One showrunner’s leg became pinned, causing severe injuries. Although doctors fought to save his leg, it could not be saved.

Safety authorities say various questions will have to be answered during the investigation. One of those is the location of the video village. Some believe it was too close to the stunt scene, and the set lacked the necessary safety precautions.

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