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Common Summer Work Injuries

California weather is typically warmer than many states year-round, but in the summertime, in particular, it’s not uncommon to see more people enjoying the outdoors or even working outdoors. For jobs where individuals have to or have the opportunity to work outside, different types of injuries can be sustained compared to working indoors. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics supports this by noting that more work injuries happen in the summertime compared to any other part of the year.

Below are some of the most common workplace injuries that occur during summer.

Sprains and Strains

Individuals who spend time outside and perform work they may not be used to can easily sprain or strain muscles. Muscles that are most susceptible to an injury include:

  • Back;
  • Shoulders;
  • Knees;
  • Ankles; and,
  • Neck.

Sprains and strains can also happen when a worker slips and falls, carries tools they are not accustomed to and works with materials that turn in an unusual way.

Surface Wounds

Scrapes and cuts are not uncommon, but in the workplace, depending on the type of tools someone is working with, these types of wounds can result in serious injuries. Surface wounds that are more common during the summer months include:

  • Sunburns;
  • Cuts from using tools without proper safety materials like gloves or eyewear; and,
  • Using blades that are assumed to be dull but are not results in someone being cut.

Open Wounds

These are injuries where someone is punctured or receives a deep incision that can not be treated as a surface wound. These types of injuries include:

  • A knife or saw being misused or mishandled;
  • Splinters that tweezers can not retrieve; and,
  • Broken glass from a construction project that causes severe bleeding.

Injured While Working This Summer?

Employees injured while working should get adequate medical treatment and compensation they deserve. If your employer is not providing the proper payment for your injuries, you have every right to take legal action. The experienced workers’ compensation claim attorneys at The Sexton Law Firm are ready to work your case and get you the best solution possible. Contact our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys online or by phone. (619) 202-8976