Car damaged from accident

Is a Driver Drunk, High, or Something Else?

California roads are typically busier during the summer months — school is out of session for most students and many individuals and families travel to The Golden State to visit family or have a getaway. This season can also bring people together for celebrations such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

While there are many reasons to have fun this time of year, that fun can quickly become dangerous if someone drinking or smoking marijuana then decides to drive. Drivers who are impaired because of these substances can have similar driving patterns.

Drunk Driving

Common characteristics of drunk drivers include:

  • Swerving in and out of lanes;
  • Driving too slowly or too fast;
  • Nearly hitting other cars or objects;
  • Making wide turns; and,
  • Weaving.

High Driving

Those who are high and choose to drive may exhibit characteristics such as:

  • Red or bloodshot eyes;
  • Slow reflexes;
  • Impaired coordination; and,
  • Poor decision-making.

Other Reasons for Dangerous Driving

There are other explanations for a driver not driving correctly, such as drowsy driving and distracted driving. Ways a driver may act if this is the case include:

  • Yawning;
  • Rubbing their eyes;
  • Drifting in and out of lanes;
  • Varying speeds;
  • Driving too slowly;
  • Driving too close to other drivers; and,
  • Having trouble keeping their head up.

Keeping Yourself Protected Against Impaired Drivers

While some accidents can’t be prevented, there are methods drivers can implore to keep as safe as possible on the road. These steps include:

  • Always being aware of the surroundings and being prepared to react to any potential hazards;
  • Giving other drivers plenty of space; and,
  • Never assume that other drivers will yield the right-of-way or behave predictably.

If someone sees a driver exhibiting any risky behaviors, it’s essential to contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

Were You Injured by an Impaired or Distracted Driver?

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