Personal Injury: Slips, Trips and Falls Can Cause Tbi

Slipping on banana peels does not only happen in cartoons. Many people in San Diego County and across Southern California have had to deal with the consequences of falls caused by slips or trips on public or commercial properties. Some believe that only falls from significant heights could cause serious injuries, but the number of personal injury claims filed proves different. The reality is that even a slip on a banana peel or a trip caused by a damaged carpet can cause severe physical damage like traumatic brain injuries or damage to the spinal cord.

Safety hazards indoors could include wet or greasy floors, loose or damaged carpeting or other floor coverings, and dropped produce in the fresh fruit and vegetable area of a grocery store. Debris or randomly placed or dropped objects pose trip hazards indoors, along with extension cords snaking across walkways. Highly polished floors are equally dangerous.

Property owners are also responsible for addressing the outdoor areas of their properties. Some of the typical causes for falls outdoors include cracks and potholes in parking lots, damaged curbs, and uneven lawns. Damaged or malfunctioning escalators pose injury risks, and so do broken or weathered stairways, especially those in areas with poor lighting.

Falls are mostly preventable by being alert and looking out for slip or trip hazards. However, property owners must keep their premises free of known risks. If a dangerous situation cannot be repaired immediately, warning signs must be posted to alert customers or visitors to a facility. Anyone in the San Diego area who suffers injuries in a trip or slip-and-fall incident caused by the negligence of a property owner may have grounds for seeking damage recovery through the civil justice system of California. The best way to get such action going is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.