Roller coaster at an amusement park

Amusement Park Worker Injuries — What You Need to Know

The fall and wintertime are great in sunny states like California. The cooler temperatures are typically not so frigid that you can go outside and enjoy activities such as amusement parks. That’s one reason why many families flock to The Golden State during their end-of-year vacations.

Amusement park workers are needed to make guest experiences enjoyable and ensure everything runs smoothly. While workers typically have guests’ best interests first, who is there for workers should one of them encounter an injury?

If you work at an amusement park, be aware of some of the top injuries that can happen on the job.

Malfunctioning Rides

The rides and attractions are a significant reason many visit an amusement park. Whether it’s a classic attraction or a brand-new one, these fast-thrills or eye-catching animatronics are crowd-pleasers. Unfortunately, like all machinery, accidents can happen. When it comes to rides, some of these malfunctions can cause life-altering or fatal injuries for workers.

Performance Injuries

Whether it’s on the stage or on a float, performers are an essential part of an amusement park. These performances can come with potential injuries, though. Most commonly, performers can suffer slips and falls, sprains and strains, and other more serious injuries.

Mascot Costumes

While the fall and winter months don’t typically bring scorching temperatures, anytime someone steps into a large mascot costume can run the risk of being dehydrated. Additionally, these costumes are heavy, leading to head, neck, shoulder, and back injuries.

Additional Weather Conditions

Weather is unpredictable — one minute it can be nice and sunny and moments later, a storm can arrive. If rain begins to pond, this can lead to workers suffering a slip-and-fall injury, especially if workers are in a rush to close a ride or get guests out of the park.

Injured While Working at an Amusement Park?

Injuries can occur at any workplace, but no one wants them to happen at a place where everyone is supposed to have a good time. If you were injured while working at an amusement park, the Chula Vista worker’s compensation lawyers at The Sexton Law Firm are here for you. Our attorneys are bilingual and ready to get you the justice you deserve. Contact us online or by phone so we can start working for you.