Female retail worker hanging clothes on a clothes display at a store

Common Retail Workers' Injuries

Some individuals may pick up a side job to help pay for gifts or other expenses as the holidays approach. This is welcome news to retailers, especially as they see an increase in buyers around the holiday season. However, just as with any other job, injuries can happen in the workplace.

If you or a loved one is working in retail, be aware of these common injuries that can occur while working.

Back Injuries

Whether from lifting items or another incident, back injuries are some of the most common issues in the workplace. These types of injuries can be broken down into two categories: non-accidental and accidental. An accidental injury occurs when an unexpected action leads to the injury, whereas a non-accidental injury happens because of a non-strenuous or normal activity.

Back injuries can result in muscle tears or strains, ruptured discs in the spine, and neck strains in addition to back pain. These injuries can make it impossible to perform in some jobs and may require the injured individual to get lifelong treatment.

Product Dropping

The pain can be unbearable if an employee drops a product on their feet or gets another body part injured from a fallen product. If a product drops on a worker, it can result in broken bones or other bruises and strains.


There is always a chance of falling if an employee uses ladders or other equipment to reach high heights. Even if the fall isn’t from a high distance, serious injuries, or even death, can occur.

Supporting Injured Workers Across Southern California

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