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Part of effective estate planning is preparing for every possible eventuality. No one wants to consider a scenario where they are rendered incapacitated or otherwise unable to communicate, but the reality is that a serious accident can occur at any given moment. You need a plan for what will happen to you and your interests in the event that you become unable to advocate for your own interests.

What is a Power of Attorney?

By establishing powers of attorney, you give trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf and in accordance with your wishes. Our POA attorneys in Chula Vista at The Sexton Law Firm can help you take the necessary steps to appoint these parties. Take proactive steps to protect yourself can give you the peace of mind that, should anything happen, you will be in good hands.

Do not wait to call (619) 202-8976 or contact us online to establish your powers of attorney with a qualified POA lawyer in Chula Vista at The Sexton Law Firm.

Understanding the Types of Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney can be employed in situations where you are not necessarily ill or injured. A power of attorney allows a named agent to lawfully act in your place in making decisions under parameters you define.

Durable Power of Attorney

For purposes of estate planning, your powers of attorney should be durable. When you make a power of attorney durable, you allow the agent to continue making decisions on your behalf in situations where you become incapacitated.

If you are only interested in allowing someone to make decisions for you when you cannot communicate yourself, you can designate what are called “springing” powers of attorney. These types of powers of attorney are by default durable, and their powers only take effect should you become unable to make decisions.

Health Care Power of Attorney

Medical powers of attorney are responsible for making decisions about your healthcare. If you become seriously ill or injured and are thus unable to communicate, your authorized medical power of attorney can serve as your proxy and make decisions on your behalf related to your emergency and ongoing care. You can provide this agent with advanced healthcare directives that outline how you wish to receive care under certain situations.

Financial Power of Attorney

Financial powers of attorney are authorized to conduct business and manage your estate on your behalf. You can define the extent of these abilities. You might only want your financial power of attorney to pay bills and conduct routine transactions. If you have stakes in a variety of business interests or investments, you may also choose to authorize your agent to be more actively involved in managing your financial affairs on your behalf so long as you remain unable to communicate.

Selecting Your Powers of Attorney

Any mentally competent adult is fit to serve as either a medical or financial power of attorney. The person or persons you appoint should be individuals that you deeply trust, as they will be responsible for acting on your behalf should you become unable to advocate for yourself.

Any financial power of attorney has a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. Still, you should be cautious in who you give authority to manage your estate and investments. Consider choosing someone with a strong track record of effective financial decisions.

It is important to frequently communicate your intentions and wishes to your chosen medical and financial powers of attorney. These agents will potentially be making decisions on your behalf, but they can only act on the information that you give them.

Our Chula Vista powers of attorney attorneys can help assess your selections for medical and financial powers of attorney. We can then work with you prepare and finalize the necessary documents.

Why You Need Powers of Attorney in Your Estate Plan

Even if you are a healthy adult, it is generally a good idea to explore powers of attorney. The reality is that a serious injury or complications arising from an undiagnosed condition can manifest at any time.

Failing to proactively establish durable powers of attorney can lead to devastating consequences for you and your loved ones in situations where you become incapacitated. If you are unable to communicate and have no protections in place, no one will have the legal authority to advocate on your behalf. Even your immediate loved ones, including your spouse or adult children, may have to go to court to obtain the authorization to make critical, time-sensitive decisions.

Having medical and financial powers of attorney in place protects both you and your loved ones in the unfortunate event that you become unable to advocate for yourself. Our Chula Vista powers of attorney lawyers at The Sexton Law Firm can help you explore your legal options and prepare for the future. Formally authorizing powers of attorney requires taking specific steps that our legal team can help conduct.

Who Should I Make My Power of Attorney?

Choosing power of attorney is an important decision that could have sigificant and lasting impacts. When selecting a power of attorney for medical, financial or estate purposes; carefully consider who is best suited for the role. It should be someone trustworthy and someone who has your best interests at heart. Generally, people will choose a spouse, child or longtime friend. Our Chula Vista powers of attorney lawyers are here to help you authorize your powers of attorney. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Protect Your Assets with a Comprehensive Estate Plan

A thorough estate plan provides many benefits -- from asset protection to tax reduction and more. Or knowledgeable team at The Sexton Law Firm is ready to guide you in navigating the complexity of estate planning and ensuring that your wishes are well-articulated and legally enforceable.

Benefits of a comprehensive estate plan include:

  • Protection of your assets
  • Minimization of estate taxes
  • Smooth transfer of assets to beneficiaries
  • Designation of powers of attorney
  • Appointment of guardians for minor children

Our team of skilled POA lawyers in Chula Vista ill guide you through the estate planning process, ensuring that your wishes are clearly documented and legally binding. Contact The Sexton Law Firm to schedule a free consultation and start planning for your future.

To learn more about how powers of attorney can benefit you and your loved ones, call (619) 202-8976 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our team.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Create a Power of Attorney?

To create a power of attorney, consult with an attorney who specializes in estate planning to ensure that your document is legal and valid. Determine the type, choose a trusted agent, define the scope, draft the document, sign it with witnesses or a notary, and follow local requirements. Keep the original safe and provide copies if necessary.

Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Yes, you can revoke a power of attorney if you are of sound mind. You must create a revocation document a notify the agent and other relevant parties. It may be best to speak with a skilled POA lawyer near you to ensure that what you are doing is best for your situation.

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