Personal Injury: Dog Bite Consequences Could Be Severe

Anyone in California who has ever been the victim of a dog attack will know how traumatic such an experience can be. Along with the personal injury typically comes the emotional trauma that might cause long-term psychological harm. The first thing to do after being bitten by a dog is to determine whether the dog’s rabies shots are current — even if there is only a scratch. If this cannot be confirmed, a visit to the emergency room for a human rabies immunoglobulin shot is essential.

A dog that has rabies will have the virus in its saliva, and it could be transmitted via even the slightest break in the victim’s skin. Even if there is no risk of rabies, puncture wounds and scratches caused by dog bites can become extremely painful if they get infected. The damaged area will become swollen, and if there is damage to a muscle or a nerve, it will be more painful.

Because it is a natural instinct to use their hands to fend off a dog, victims often suffer bites on their hands. These injuries could have severe consequences due to the high number of tendons and joints in the hands. Furthermore, the healing of hand wounds tends to be slower because the blood circulation to the hands is less than in other parts of the body.

Victims of dog bites in California might be unsure of their legal rights. Medical expenses could be substantial, and in some cases, victims need ongoing physical and psychological therapy. Dog bites to the hands could prevent a victim from returning to work for some time, causing additional financial hardships. An experienced personal injury attorney might be the best person from whom to seek answers and support and guidance in pursuit of damage recovery through the civil justice system of the state.