San Diego Pedestrian Hit by Turning Vehicle That Fled the Scene

When there is an auto accident in San Diego, those involved are required to stay at the scene of face criminal charges. This is not due to an attempt to penalize them, but to ensure that they make certain others involved in the crash are uninjured and, if they are hurt, they get the medical attention they need. This is especially important when there is a pedestrian accident. If a pedestrian is hit and the driver flees the scene, it is wise to understand what steps to take in the aftermath.

The driver apparently fails to yield to a pedestrian

A 69-year-old man who was crossing the street was hit by a car that subsequently fled the scene. The accident occurred in the late evening after 10 p.m. The man was in the intersection and crossing when the turning vehicle crashed into him. After the impact, the driver drove away. The pedestrian suffered a broken leg and was hospitalized. Officers have a description of the vehicle and its color. They are actively searching for it as they investigate the case.

Pedestrian accidents and the aftermath

There are many reasons why a pedestrian accident may occur. A failure to yield when turning is one of the most frequent. Drivers are obligated to give pedestrians the right of way when they are crossing the street in the crosswalk. Failure to do so is a violation that can lead to a citation.

Drivers should be cognizant of pedestrians due to the high chance of injuries and death when a person is hit by a car. Fleeing the scene only serves to make the situation worse. Pedestrians who are hit can break bones, suffer head injuries, be paralyzed and face other long-term challenges. Medical costs can be exorbitant and their lives can be changed forever. A legal filing might be necessary to recover compensation.

Injured pedestrians are advised to consider a legal filing

In this accident, a man was injured when a turning car hit him. The driver took off making it a hit and run. Law enforcement is searching for the vehicle and driver. In general, these cases are solved and there is a significant chance that the driver will be found. As the case moves forward, it is important for the injured man to understand his rights and have legal advice from a firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents.