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5 Reasons Why You Need An Emergency Kit In Your Car

For some drivers, the time they think they should have an emergency kit in their car isn’t until an actual emergency happens. Whether that emergency is caused by the driver, another driver, or an outside factor, it’s essential for all drivers to be prepared should the worst happen on the road.

Our personal injury lawyers at The Sexton Law Firm break down additional reasons why it’s critical to have an emergency kit in every vehicle.

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1. The Ability to Get on the Road Faster

Not every roadside setback will require an emergency response. If you were not involved in a collision and are safely on the side of a road, there are ways you could handle the situation yourself (depending on the severity of that situation). For example, if your battery is dead, having jumper cables in the car could be the necessary tool to get you to your destination (or the nearest auto store to replace the battery). Having a car jack and the knowledge to put on a spare tire could also save you from having to call a tow truck should your vehicle get a flat.

2. Quick Access to Survival Essentials

Bottles of water and non-perishable food items in your vehicle can be life-saving if you get stuck in a backup from an accident or an emergency that prevents you from getting to where you need to go. Especially for individuals, such as diabetics, who have to monitor their blood levels, not having access to food could have severe consequences.

3. Being Prepared for All Types of Weather

While we don’t see much snow in California, the streets can become slick should this type of weather event happen and potentially cause major delays on the roadways. Having a blanket or extra clothing in the vehicle is a great resource should you become stranded.

4. Having Ways to Signal for Help

Whether it’s cones or flares, having items like this can signal to others that you need help. Additionally, if you have already called for emergency assistance, this will make it easier for crews to find you and your vehicle.

5. Ways for Others to Help You In an Emergency

While it’s essential to have items that you can use should an emergency happen, it is crucial to have information available should people need to help you. For example, you can have important phone numbers (such as for family or friends who could help during an emergency) listed and placed in your emergency kit. It is never safe to have your address written down should your vehicle be stolen; however, phone numbers are a great idea especially if you are incapacitated and those helping you are unable to get into your phone.

If you find yourself injured during an emergency situation due to another driver’s negligence, getting into a safe location and taking care of yourself should be your first steps. In the following days, another step should be calling an experienced personal injury attorney.

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