Scar above a man's right eye

Are Dog Bite Scars Permanent?

Being injured by a dog is a traumatizing experience. While sometimes the physical scars can disappear or not be as visible, the emotional scarring may be around forever. That is why in some cases, dog bite scars are permanent.

Physical Scars from a Dog Bite

The severity of the dog bite and where the dog bite took place on a person’s body play key factors in how the dog bite will physically heal. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly one out of five people with dogs bite require medical attention for their physical injuries. Of those injuries, it’s estimated that more than 70% of dog bite injuries are to a person’s arms, legs, hands, and feet, while the rest are to the face and neck.

Dog bite injuries result in thousands opting for reconstructive surgery each year. Those who have obvious injuries that may be hard to cover up are the most likely to get reconstructive surgery. Whether a person opts for surgery or not, the aftermath of the dog bite can result in life-long complications such as a numb feeling around the bite, twinges of pain around the area, and other discomforts.

Emotional Scars from a Dog Bite

An emotional scar is not one that can be seen — it is felt by the person who was bitten. The victim's family members and friends may realize the emotional toll that person is facing from that person’s behavior and actions.

Common emotional effects a person who a dog bit may experience include:

  • Anxiety (in general but especially around any dog);
  • Depression;
  • Low self-esteem; and,
  • Body image concerns.

Children may especially be prone to be self-conscious of what others think of their physical appearance as at this age there are already other physical and emotional changes happening with the body.

Those struggling emotionally from the result of a dog bite should seek guidance from a mental health professional to help tackle this type of scar.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Chula Vista

Whether you were injured physically, mentally, or both because of a dog bite, the Chula Vista dog bite attorneys at The Sexton Law Firm want to help you. Determining damages an individual can receive after a dog bite is not as clear-cut as some may think. There are many factors are knowledgeable dog bite attorneys consider to best proceed with your case.

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