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Dealing With Insurance Companies After An Accident

At The Sexton Law Firm, we aggressively represent auto accident victims and the families of victims involved in a fatal car accident. Our lawyers are not afraid to go up against large insurance companies, the responsible drivers or manufacturers of defective equipment. We will fight hard to obtain compensation for ongoing medical care, loss of wages and other financial damages. Most insurance companies will try to offer you a quick settlement that does not fully cover your ongoing and future medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. But your injuries may turn out to be more serious or more permanent than you originally thought, and you may be out of work longer than expected.

Insurance companies use a scheme where they ask you a series of general questions in a recorded statement. Be on full alert. These questions are designed to having you admit that you were at fault in the accident or to get you to admit that you were not injured. The insurance adjuster and defense attorney will try to use this recorded and transcribed statement against you to deny your legitimate claim. Whenever a car accident victim suffers a soft tissue damage or injury such as whiplash, muscle strain or stretch, the insurance company will use a scheme where they offer the car injury victim a small settlement. This will range from about $100 to $1,000 and the adjuster will state that, “This is all we are going to have to pay for your injuries.”

There are major problems with doing this. The insurance adjuster is not a medical doctor, and more importantly he or she is not your friend. The insurance agents are not qualified to determine the extent of your injuries based on your symptoms. Most soft tissue injuries do not fully appear until days, weeks or even months after the accident.

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