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Returning To Work After An Injury

As a workers’ compensation law firm, we love to see the day when you return to work. We know that work is a meaningful part of your life, and if you want to get back on the job, then we will make that our goal in your recovery.

After a severe injury at work, you could face a lengthy recovery, but you can still contribute as you are able. One requirement of your employer in workers’ compensation is that they must provide reasonable accommodation to you as you recover from an injury or treat a disability.

Defining Your Right To Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation means different things in different industries. There is no standard definition, but a significant portion of litigation and appeals for lawyers in California centers on what it means to your specific industry and injury.

For example, if an injury or disability means that you can’t lift more than 20 pounds, your employer may allow you to return to work if your weight restriction does not interfere with your job duties. If you are unable to perform your regular job, your employer can also put you in a “light duty job” that matches your education level and skill set.

However, in more strenuous jobs, you may have limited options in light duty or reasonable accommodation. If this is the case, then you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits until you can return to your job in a full capacity.

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