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What To Do After A Work Accident

If you are injured in a work accident, it is important to understand your right to recovery and compensation. Many people think that they cannot report or receive compensation for a work injury due to their position, wages or benefits, but these aren’t determining factors in your case.

What is important is that you seek full recovery from your injuries. After an accident at work, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and file a report with your employer within 30 days, though sooner is better.

After filing a report, you should know whether or not your employer subscribes to workers’ compensation insurance. Your employer’s coverage will determine how you should proceed with your case, and you can move forward with help from our firm.

Should You File A Workers’ Compensation Or Personal Injury Claim?

The steps you need to take to bring your work injury claim depend on whether your employer is a subscriber or a nonsubscriber to workers’ compensation. If your employer is a subscriber, then you only need to show that you did not intentionally cause your injuries and that you were not intoxicated in some way when the injuries occurred. In a subscriber case, you can immediately receive compensation for your medical expenses and compensation for your lost wages after you miss one week of work without an injury claim being filed.

If your employer is a nonsubscriber, then you will need to bring a personal injury claim against your employer. This means you will need to prove that your employer was somehow negligent in causing the accident that led to your injuries. If you are able to show that your employer was negligent, then you can receive compensation for all of your present and future medical expenses, as well as lost wages and other damages, including pain and suffering damages.

At The Sexton Law Firm, we can help you determine if your employer is a subscriber or a nonsubscriber, and we then help you take the necessary steps to get the maximum compensation for your claim. With extensive knowledge of the California workers’ compensation system and personal injury law, our attorneys can guide you to the best possible outcome for your case.

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